Auxiliary Services

Biomedical Engineering

A skilled team biomedical engineer’s service is available at the hospital. The team provides an efficient support in maintaining the various equipments in the hospital in a good working condition. The department functions round the clock to render emergency service support on breakdown/ failure of equipments

The department ensures quality functioning of all category of equipments in the multi specialities of the hospital. The biomedical engineering department plays an important role in aiding smooth and complete patient care.

CSSD and Infection control

A group of dedicated employees along with state of the art devices constitute our CSSD and Infection control team. They ensure safe and sterile instruments and proper disposal of bio medical waste

House keeping

Good housekeeping is an asset and a powerful patient and public relations tool which has a direct bearing on the prestige and reputation of the hospital.Housekeeping department at our hospital provide a safe, clean, pleasant, orderly and functional environment for both patients and hospital personnel

Using modern amenities like automated washing and Ironing machines, wet vacuum cleaners etc, the department ensures quality in services rendered.

Medical records

Medical record department was in existence Since from the inception of the hospital .This department consists of working area with huge space for storage of medical records which are to be used for Patients, Medical Professionals, various Health Agencies , Legal , Insurance and other hospital needs.

Hospital Administration

We have hospital administration staffs and they are always helping to run healthcare department day to day each activities apart from that, the staffs participates and coordinates the setting strategic priorities for the direction of the hospital. Specific duties include recruitment and retention of physicians, overseeing quality, improvement of processes for efficient delivery of patient care, setting standards oversight of budgets, creating financial and business strategies to assure fiscal viability and health. The hospital administrators also become involved in press relation public and community affairs grants management, billing, collections, purchasing of equipment and meting regulatory standards. Hospitals chief executive officers and administrative hierarchies report up through this individual or staff.

The nurturing of these values at the hospital of complements a fine technical education by enhancing skills with a unique understanding and compassion for those being treated. A commitment to the practice of medicine in its highest form is a lifelong commitment to humanity. The value of genuine caring and humble service will build both competence and character and provide joy through action, truly becoming a labor of love.


Hospital Canteen provides good food prepared hygienically under expert supervision.


A shop is installed at a convenient location inside the hospital building to provide general items to patients and accompanying people.

Prayer Room

A serene and peaceful atmosphere is provided for people who wish to find solace in spending time for prayers and meditation.

The room is located conveniently near the hospital reception for the ease of access to patients and relatives